Don't miss out on a fantastic opportunity to expand and build your Rep/Principal relationships! RepMIX is one of the best ways for Principals to make solid connections with professional Rep companies across the country.  It is a specific block of time at our Annual Conference that is allotted for private appointments connecting Principals with both current and prospective Representative companies.

RepMIX 2020

Friday, April 24, 2020, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
(8) 30-Minute Appointment Slots

  • $500 for First-Time Participants (includes booth for 2020 and 2021)
  • $250 for Previous Participants

When you register to attend the conference, you will be given the opportunity to participate in the RepMIX. We use an online scheduling system, so be sure to indicate whether or not you would like to be added to the online appointment setting platform! Otherwise, you are free to schedule appointments on your own.

Click here to read frequently asked questions regarding RepMIX.

RepMIX Appointment Scheduling

RepMIX can be used to connect with existing relationships - if that's what you're doing, setting appointments can be a breeze. But if you're trying to make new connections, sometimes that can be challenging! PTRA wants to help. We've contracted with a great company that has created a platform for us for you to be able to review the companies and profiles that are participating in RepMIX that you may be able to meet with by requesting an appointment! Based off of an algorithm of mutual requests, prioritization, and availability, the system will generate your schedule for you!

Please note: you do not have to use the online scheduler! You are more than welcome to create your own RepMIX schedule if that is your preference. You can opt-in to the Online Scheduler at the time of registration or by contacting PTRA HQ at [email protected] or 888-817-PTRA.