Associate Membership

PTRA membership runs June 1 – May 31 to align with PTRA’s fiscal year. New PTRA members will receive a pro-rated fee depending on when they join. New members will still be required to pay full membership dues through November 30th. After December 1st, new members that join the association will receive a 50% discount on their dues. This does not apply to renewing members, or those who have previously lapsed their membership.


What’s in it for you?

  • Access to the entire PTRA membership directory
  • A complimentary attendee registration to our annual conference
  • A complimentary vendor booth at our annual conference
  • Annual conference email attendee list if a vendor at the annual conference
  • Opportunity to provide content in our FOCUS newsletter
  • Sponsorship opportunities at our annual conference
  • Ability to network with other members at the annual conference

The Annual Conference

Each Spring, PTRA conducts its Annual Conference, a meeting of member professionals that offers unparalleled networking opportunities for Representative and Principal (manufacturer) members. The Conference includes several valuable networking events. There is the Welcome Reception event on the eve of the three-day event. There are Roundtable Discussions and formal Interview Sessions with additional opportunities for Representative members to meet with Principal members to discuss representation. The Conference also offers a First-Timers’ Orientation session. And, there are educational sessions for reps and manufacturers designed to enhance professionalism through topical seminars and prominent speakers who make presentations on vital elements of business. In addition to the business discussed at the Annual Conference, members can enjoy the social activities such as a golf tournament and a fun run/walkathon. The Association encourages spouse or companion attendance and organizes a spouse/ companion program. The Conference is topped off with the Grand Finale Dinner Dance.

Online Locator

Find new lines from among hundreds of manufacturers of power-motion technology products. PTRA is an association for independent sales agents so our manufacturer members are committed to the outside-sales-rep/manufacturer relationship. This makes the PTRA Locator a concentrated source for like-minded industry professionals.

Career Building Services

Continuing education is offered through the PTRA affiliation with the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF). Through MRERF, members can participate in an educational process to earn the designation “Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative (CPMR).” This is a great opportunity for members to learn the newest techniques and methods for developing higher profits, increased productivity, improved response to their market and the economy, and a more successful overall business.

Members of PTRA receive a 15% discount off the standard tuition rate for courses at IDC University. The Indianapolis-based program offers intense training with hands-on learning experiences to help you become a more powerful sales representative. Anyone can sell on price. But helping your customers understand the difference between products and brands provides value, not just a discount. You will gain the knowledge you need to add value to your proposition and win customers for life when you train at IDC University.


Access to PTRA’s Legal Counsel is available for brief consultation at no charge either by telephone or by private interview during the Annual Conference. PTRA’s General Counsel is the law firm of Kramer & Kramer, LLP. The law firm has represented the Association for many years and has represented many of its members. Mitchell Kramer is in the firm’s suburban Philadelphia office and Barbara Kramer is in the firm’s Michigan office. More extensive work for members is contracted at reduced rates.

Sample agreement models are provided for sales representation contracts.

Printer’s proof sheets – Various sizes of the PTRA logo are available for your use in identifying your firm as a member of your industry trade association. We encourage you to find space on your letterhead, business cards, brochures, advertising and web site to display the PTRA logo. Logos are also available in various formats on the download page.

Legislative advocacy through the Alliance for Manufacturers’ Representatives Associations is provided to all members. This affiliated organization monitors legislative affairs and provides advocacy for each member with the weight of more than 70 other affiliated sales representation associations with more than 150,000 members.

Economic Services

Discounted telecommunications services are available through an independent telephone and electronic network service. Rates are well below typical rates charged by the major services. Contact the PTRA office for more information.

Group health insurance and related programs are available to members at competitive rates with the added benefit of reps-taking-care-of reps sponsorship.

Employer and employee benefit support services are available through a human resource administrative service provider at competitive and cost-effective package plans.

Mentoring Program

If you are new to the business, or if you need a little help, PTRA is offering a brand new mentoring program. There will be a signup sheet at the conference in May and you will be paired with a seasoned veteran outside of your geographic area. Quarterly calls can be set up with your mentor so that you can connect to get your questions answered and/or to bounce ideas off him.

Mentors can assist with:

  • Negotiating commissions
  • Employee Pay Structures
  • CRM Questions
  • Excel, Word, etc.
  • Quickbooks questions
  • Profit Line Analysis
  • Distribution, OEM, End User Issues/Questions
  • And more