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PTRA Academy: A web-based learning opportunity

Taking time out of busy schedules can be challenging. PTRA Academy provides all the great benefits of relevant, easy-to-use online courses that are accessible any time and any place; just log in and start learning! The courses are self-paced, self-guided, and interactive with visually engaging graphics. Concepts can be immediately applied in examples and assessments, and every course completed will be added to a transcript, with printable completion certificates.

The list of subjects is extensive, and more will be added every quarter. These cost-effective courses are formatted in either of two ways: Fundamental or Lightning Learning™ (LL). The Fundamental courses offer in-depth information on an array of related components within one manufacturing concept, while the Lightning Learning™ courses tackle one focused concept in a short, fast, and comprehensive manner. Both are available upon sign up for 6 weeks at $100 each for any Fundamental course listed and $50 each for any Lightning Learning™ course offered – available to PTRA members ONLY!

This is a great opportunity to improve skills, bottom line, and career prospects.
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Here is a list of subjects offered! To view the classes within each, simply click on the subject.

Engineering Drawings (6 classes)
Foundational Courses (5 classes)
Foundry Industry (7 classes)
Gear Industry (8 classes)

Heat Treating (5 classes)
Industry 4.0 (4 classes)
Industrial Safety (3 classes)
Injection Molding (3 classes)
Machining Industry (4 classes)
Manufacturing Excellence (2 classes)
Manufacturing Processes Castings (24 classes)
Manufacturing Products - Axles (1 class)
Manufacturing Products - Bearings (1 class)
Manufacturing Products: Belts (5 classes)
Manufacturing Products: Braking Systems (2 classes)

Manufacturing Products: Chains (1 class)
Manufacturing Products: Compressors (2 classes)
Manufacturing Products: Electrical and Electronics (3 classes)
Manufacturing Products: Engines (2 classes)
Manufacturing Products: Fasteners (3 classes)
Manufacturing Products: Gear Boxes (1 class)
Manufacturing Products: Gears (5 classes)
Manufacturing Products: Hydraulics (1 class)
Manufacturing Products: Oil Seals (1 class)
Manufacturing Products: Tires (3 classes)
Manufacturing Products: Transmissions (1 class)
Materials (6 classes)
Metal Cutting (6 classes)
Metal Forming Industry (9 classes)

Plating (1 class)
Quality Assurance/Quality Control (13 classes)

Welding (1 class)


Engineering Drawings

  • Engineering Drawings Fundamentals
  • Engineering Drawings for Castings
  • Engineering Drawings for Forgings
  • Engineering Drawings for Machining
  • Engineering Drawings for Spur and Helical Gears
  • GD&T Fundamentals

Foundational Courses

  • Engineering Drawings Foundation
  • Engineering Drawings for Casting
  • Engineering Drawings for Machining
  • Engineering Drawings for Spur and Helical Gears
  • Purchase Order Fundamentals

Foundry Industry

  • Aluminum Casting Fundamentals
  • Bonded Sand: Horizontally Parted Molds (LL)
  • Bonded Sand: Mold Patterns (LL)
  • Bonded Sand: Vertically Parted Molds (LL)
  • Ductile Iron Part 1 & 2
  • Gray Iron Fundamentals
  • Heat Treat Fundamentals

Gear Industry

  • Gear Fundamentals
  • Bevel and Hypoid Gears Classification & Terminology
  • Bevel and Hypoid Gears Manufacturing
  • Spur and Helical Gears Classification & Terminology
  • Spur and Helical Gears Manufacturing
  • Worm and Worm Wheels Classification & Terminology
  • Worm and Worm Wheels Manufacturing
  • Gear Spur and Helical Terminology (LL)

Heat Treating

  • Heat Treating Basics
  • Heat Treating Basics-Spanish
  • Heat Treating Processes and Equipment
  • Heat Treating Safety
  • Heat Treating Testing and Defects

Industry 4.0

  • Additive Manufacturing Sterolithography
  • Automation Basics
  • Internet of Things: Manufacturing
  • Sensors: Measurement Concepts

Industrial Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selection
  • PPE Scenarios for Forge Shops
  • Precision Grinding: Abrasive Wheel Safety

Injection Molding

  • Injection Molding Process
  • Injection Molding Terminology
  • Injection Molding Troubleshooting

Machining Industry

  • Machining Foundation
  • Grinding Fundamentals: Cylindrical
  • Fixturing Fundamentals for Machining
  • Turning Fundamentals: Entry Leve
Manufacturing Excellence
  • 5S Workplace Organization Method NEW
  • Purchase Order Fundamentals

Manufacturing Processes Castings

  • Aluminum Casting Fundamentals
  • Aluminum Melting Fundamentals
  • Bonded Sand Fundamentals
  • Bonded Sand Iron Casting Basics
  • Bonded Sand: Horizontally Parted Molds
  • Bonded Sand: Mold Patterns
  • Bonded Sand: Vertically Parted Molds
  • Charge Calculation for Cast Irons
  • Cupola Furnace Fundamentals
  • Cupola Furnace Operations
  • Cupola Furnace Troubleshooting and Techniques
  • Foundry Cleaning Room Equipment
  • Gating and Risering Basics NEW
  • Gravity Die Casting Basics
  • Green Sand Defect Analysis
  • Green Sand Equipment and Process Control
  • Green Sand Properties
  • Green Sand System Testing
  • High Pressure Die Casting Basics
  • Investment Casting Basics
  • Iron Melting Fundamentals
  • Low Pressure Die Casting Basics
  • Quality Inspection for Steel Castings
  • Vacuum Process Fundamentals

Manufacturing Products - Axles

  • Drive Axles: Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles

Manufacturing Products - Bearings

  • Bearing Fundamentals

Manufacturing Products: Belts

  • Belt Classifications: Poly V Belts
  • Belt Classifications: Round and Flat Belts 
  • Belt Classifications: V Belts 
  • Belt Classifications: Synchronous Belts 
  • Belt Classifications: Special Belts

Manufacturing Products: Braking Systems

  • Breaking Systems: Hydraulic
  • Breaking Systems: Pneumatic

Manufacturing Products: Chains

  • Chain Fundamentals: Industrial

Manufacturing Products: Compressors

  • Compressor Fundamentals: Positive Displacement
  • Compressors: Ancillary Equipment

Manufacturing Products: Electrical and Electronics

  • Electric Motor Fundamentals
  • Electrical Power Introduction
  • Electronic Terminology

Manufacturing Products: Engines

  • Engine Fundamentals: Internal Combustion
  • Engine Testing Methods and Systems: Internal Combustion

Manufacturing Products: Fasteners

  • Threaded Fastener Specifications
  • Threaded Fastener Terminology and Components
  • Threaded Fastener Testing and Defects

Manufacturing Products: Gear Boxes

  • Gearbox Basics

Manufacturing Products: Gears

  • Bevel and Hypoid Gear Terminology
  • Cylindrical Gear Manufacturing Troubleshooting
  • Gear Chart Interpretation-Elemental Measurements on Cylindrical Gears
  • Gear Fundamentals 
  • Spur and Helical Gear Terminology

Manufacturing Products: Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic System Fundamentals

Manufacturing Products: Oil Seals

  • Oil Seal Fundamentals: Rotary Applications

Manufacturing Products: Tires

  • Pneumatic Tires: Tire Defects
  • Pneumatic Tires: Tire Labels and Markings
  • Pneumatic Tires: Tire Terminology

Manufacturing Products: Transmissions

  • Transmission Fundamentals: Automatic


  • Destructive Metallurgical Testing
  • Ductile Iron Fundamentals
  • Gray Iron Fundamentals
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Polymer Fundamentals
  • Steel Fundamentals

Metal Cutting

  • Cylindrical Grinding Fundamentals
  • Fixturing Fundamentals for Machining
  • Hole Process Fundamentals
  • Machine Tool Fundamentals
  • Surface Process Fundamentals
  • Turning Tool and Process Basics

Metal Forming Industry

  • Cold Forming Fundamentals
  • Corrective Leveling Basics
  • Forgings: Closed Die Processes
  • Forgings: Closed Die Terminology and Equipment
  • Stamping Processes
  • Stamping Terminology 
  • Stamping Fundamentals
  • Steel Fundamentals
  • Heat Treating Fundamentals of Ferrous Metals


  • Plating Fundamentals

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

  • 7QC Tools: Check Sheets
  • 7QC Tools: Control Charts
  • 7QC Tools: Fishbone Diagrams
  • 7QC Tools: Histograms 
  • 7QC Tools: Pareto Charts 
  • 7QC Tools: Scatter Diagrams
  • 7QC Tools: Stratification
  • 8D Problem-Solving Basics
  • Measurements: Basic Concepts
  • Measurements: Measurement Math
  • Measurements: Measuring Processes
  • Measurements: Measuring Tools
  • Shop Math: Fractions


  • Welding Fundamentals

Keep checking back here for more courses to be added!