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PTRA Academy is a web-based learning opportunity that provides all the great benefits of relevant, easy-to-use online courses that are accessible any time and any place; just log in and start learning! The courses are self-paced, self-guided, and interactive with visually engaging graphics. Concepts can be immediately applied in examples and assessments, and every course completed will be added to a transcript, with printable Certificates of Completion.

The list of subjects is extensive, and more will be added every quarter. These cost-effective courses will provide a strong foundation in terminology and concepts used in the manufacturing industry, as well as application-based topics to instill confidence on the job, increase informed decision making, and assist in troubleshooting more efficiently. This library is a perfect asset whether you are just starting out, being cross-trained, or looking to up-skill your current situation. 

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Here is a list of subjects offered! To view the classes within each, simply click on the subject.

Castings (24 courses)
Engineering Drawings (6 courses)
Heat Treating (5 courses)
Industrial Safety (3 courses)
Industry 4.0 (4 courses)
Injection Molding (3 courses)
Manufactured Products (32 courses)
Materials (7 courses)
Metal Cutting (6 courses)
Metal Forming (7 courses)
Plating (1 course)
Quality / Manufacturing Excellence (17 courses)
Transfer Case (1 course)
Welding (1 course)


Engineering Drawings

Heat Treating

Industrial Safety

Industry 4.0

Injection Molding

Manufactured Products      


Metal Cutting

Metal Forming


Quality / Manufacturing Excellence

Transfer Case



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