RepMIX & Online Scheduler FAQ's 

What exactly is RepMIX?

When PTRA conducts its Annual Conference, one of our primary goals is to offer unparalleled networking opportunities for Representative and Principal (manufacturer) members. RepMIX is one of our programs that helps us do just that. RepMIX is a 4-hour block of time for up to eight 25-minute formal interview sessions that allow for the opportunity for Representative members to meet privately with Principal members to nurture their existing relationships or generate business and discuss representation. 

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for RepMIX at the time of registering for the conference on either the online form or the paper form in the Conference Brochure.

Manufacturers purchase the interviewing booth and Representatives interview. Only one person from a participating company should sign up for RepMIX - others are more than welcome to join onsite, but only one should be involved with the purchasing and scheduling.

How do I schedule appointments?

There are 2 options for scheduling your RepMIX appointments. 

  1. You can participate in the online scheduler - this is a secure online platform that will allow you to:
    1. Access the participants profiles
    2. "Prioritize" who you would like to meet with (high, medium or low priority)
    3. Request appointments
    4. Receive requests for appointments
    5. And ultimately receive your schedule shortly before the conference

The system will generate your schedule for you based off of mutual requests (you requested them and they requested you), your availability, and any prioritization that you make.

  1. You can set your own appointments - you would still be able to request access to a download of the profiles for informational purposes, but you will be responsible for reaching out to the companies directly and setting your own schedule "offline".

How do I access the online scheduler?

Access to the online scheduler will be available in March 2020 and details will be sent to those that indicated that they wanted to schedule their appointments using the online scheduler.

New this year, the online scheduler is compatible with all mobile devices.

How do I reset my password?

You will need to contact the Conference Solutions team at [email protected] 

How do I know if I've requested someone or not?

Upon login to your profile:

  • Click the “Request” tab from the left-hand tool bar
    • All requests you have entered will appear on this page, along with the priority you have selected for that person.

How do I know if someone has requested me?

Upon login to your profile:

  • Click the “People” tab from the left-hand tool bar
  • There will be three (3) tabs available:
    • All People: Will display every attendee that you are able to request to meet with
    • Your Recommendations: Algorithmic suggestions based upon your answer responses to registration questions
    • Your Requested Meetings: These are requests from someone else to YOU, indicating that they would like to meet with you during RepMIX.

Please note: the system does not send you a notification (we're hoping they will be able to offer that in the future!) so be sure to login in frequently and check for any new requests!

How do I know if I have a "mutual request" for an appointment?

You are able to view this by clicking the “Your Requested Meetings” tab. This tab will show you any requests that you accepted from others (mutual requests).

I have a lot of mutual requests - how do I know who I will actually have appointments with?

Everyone must prioritize who they would like to meet with. After you make your requests, you must indicate the priority level: "Low, Medium, or High" for that person.

Please note, however, that the other party will be able to prioritize as well (both sides are taken into consideration) and no matter how you prioritize someone, if they don't request you back, you will not have an appointment with them.

I already set up a few appointments on my own - how do I ensure the system doesn't assign me an appointment during that time?

Please contact [email protected] to have your unavailability times entered.

Where do I go to see my schedule?

You won't have access to your schedule until all requests are finalized and schedules have been published. Schedules will be published shortly before the conference. Try checking back then!